Mixer and DVS

Hi guys, I have 1 Technic that I would like to use with my X1, was just wondering what would be the cheapest setup / mixer?

I've seen that it is possible with a Xone 23c, but there seems to be some audio and recording issues.

Was thinking the DJM 250 MK2, as just for bedroom DJing, but would like the set up like this below, any advice would be appreciated.


  • lord-carlos
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    A used Traktor Audio 6 and a midi mixer. For example Traktor z1 or xone k2. If you lucky and spend some time scavenging you might get both for under 150 EUR.

    You can also use a something like a Traktor S4 mk3.

    But a xone 23c would work. You just have to use a cable and an audio interface for recording.

  • GavMcG
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    Thanks for getting back to me Carlos, so I have a old midi mixer controller ( m-audio x-session ), would this be possible if I got a Traktor Audio 6?

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,064 Expert

    A bit limited, and you need to map it yourself, but yes. That should work.

    Basically you use the Traktor A6 for inputs and outputs. The X1 to control the deck (pause, cue, effects etc.)

    and the mixer for volume, eq, trim, filter.

    On the m-audio x-session you could use the two inner eq rows for normal EQ. And the outer ones for trim and filter. Or however you like.

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