Kontakt 7 Player is not loading in Ableton Live 10

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I am having issues with Kontakt. Currently I have Kontakt 7 Player installed (available from native access). But when I open a Kontakt instance on a track in Ableton it opens Kontakt version 6 (wich is no longer installed according to Native Access). Kontakt 7 is shown as installed. The Ableton plugin Folder points to a folder where I find a kontakt.dll that was not changed after the installation of Kontakt 7 so I assume this is still the Kontakt 6 dll. There was also a Kontakt 7 exe file created that I can execute without problems and where I can load all libraries without problems. The problem is only in Ableton Live where it always opens Kontakt 6 (which is not activated and only usable in Demo mode). I assume that there is no dll for Kontakt 7 created in my plugin folder (wich is correctly selected in the native acces plugin path) How can solve this?


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    Kontakt 7 is only VST3, there's no VST2 version so it should show under your VST3 plugins. It sounds like you have an old copy of K6 lying around somewhere, probably the VST2 version.

    -- Mike

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