Komplete Audio 1/2: Does the main volume affects the headphone level?

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Hello at all,

I have a question about the Komplete Audio 1 / 2 and hope that someone could help me.

It's perhaps a simple one but I researched for some time and didn't find any information that made it clear enough.

Could you tell me if the volume knob at the top also affects the headphone level? It seems to me as if it's only for the two Outs. I know that there's a seperate headphone volume but I'd like to know if it's a main volume at the top that affects the signal that goes into the headphones or if they're completely free of it.

Hope you can help me!


  • Milos
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    I mean, any kind of volume (from Komplete or from the main miy) affects headphones (which is the reason why it is better to mix a quiter track).

    Now, if you mean dry/wet volume signal, then it does not really affect headphones that much, maybe a little but if you use distortion or saturation.

    For any other volume or gain, it does indeed affect the volume, but in slightly different way.

    Volume affects the loudness of a signal, but gain affects not only the loudness of the signal, but also quality.

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