no sound from Windows and it’s apps until I launch Cubase 12 - following Kontakt use but think that

Simon Dundas
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Bizzare, Today I get no sound from Windows and it’s apps until I launch Cubase 12. I use a UR824 interface. Equally when I exit cubase the sound of say YouTube stops. Yesterday I was learning to use Kontakt within cubase. After that I closed cubase and launched the UR824 DSP mixer app and engaged it’s loopback function to record sound from YouTube but there was no sound from YouTube. I’ve had no problem doing this in the past. I've now cleared the loopback check. Today I still have the problem ie. no sound fromWindows unless cubase is open. Can anyone explain? This is driving me nuts! Many thanks Simon

Cubase 12 pro

Windows 10 PC Intel(R) Core™ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz 16GB ram

Yamaha UR824 interface.

Nektar Impact midi controller

Komplete 14 Standard


  • Milos
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    I would recommend changing the audii engine within your DAW or audio in general (Wasapi shared and exclusive, ASIO, MME).

    I had very similar issue with my laptop couple of times and it worked.

    I first started to restart the laptop and it was solved, but not for long, as the issue was reborn.

    All I had to do is to change the engine of the DAW and it helped even further.

    Experiment with the audio engine a little bit.

  • Simon Dundas
    Simon Dundas Member Posts: 8 Member

    Thanks for your speedy reply MIlos. I am reluctant to change from using Yamaha's own Asio driver as asio is designed for reliably/quality audio processing. However your reply led me to look at the audio setup options for the UR824 stand alone dsp mixer app and when I went into it's control room tab there was an error displayed saying ' Audio Interuption due to USB error is detected'. There is a bit of info on this on the Steinberg forum but none of it makes much sense to me as it seems to be about fundamental system setup and doesn't explain why it could be working for years and just start behaving oddly now.

  • Simon Dundas
    Simon Dundas Member Posts: 8 Member

    I have recently also been getting period unexpected noise when I'm in Cubase. I wonder if this is related? I do not use a USB hub but could try another port on the rear of my PC or even by another USB cable.

  • Simon Dundas
    Simon Dundas Member Posts: 8 Member

    SOLVED - I opened the UR824's dspMixFx app to find in the mixer tab that one of the channels were solo’d - which also mutes the DAW Output. I turned off the solo switch and sounds from other sources were restored. How that channel had got switched to solo I don't know as I never deliberately change settings in the dspmixfx mixer.

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