any news about machine plus updates? or i just have to sell it?

nickstomp Member Posts: 15 Member

maschine plus crashes and lack of basically most of native instruments products really pissing me off.

any chance that we'll get a firmare update this year?

0. stability: it's not possible that this thing crashes this often it makes really difficult to plan to use live

1. align machine version with the desktop one so i can edit things on the pc (that are not editable in the software)

2. better support for external audio interfaces: the included one is orrible.

3. more tools for looping/guitar rig???

4. more native instruments instruments available is crazy that i cannot use 90% of the instruments on komplete ...

Ni give us a response is a fking 1000 euro device you should have some support on it damn



  • jt maher
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    Sell it. There is an update coming soon, but I wouldn’t expect much. For 100$ more than the price of a Maschine +, you can get an Elektron Octatrack Mk2. Best drum sampler to come out in the last decade. Best sequencer on the market…No crashes, it’s standalone, has continuous support with quality updates. It’s looks like a complicated device, but once you learn it…there is so much you can do with it. Maschine fanboys will knock it because it doesn’t have any polyphony, and Maschine pads FeEL NiCeR . Lmao

  • Jiglo
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    According to a post on Elektronauts, there’s a beta dropping next week. I don’t how if it’s come from an official source or not

  • D-One
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    They already stated there is update scheduled for Q4 this year and Q4 is not over yet. (October thru December).

    If you're expecting a single update to fix all that and/or allow you to run most of Komplete instruments on M+'s low-end CPU then you might as well sell it now as the chances of that happening are slim to none.

    My advice is: define what you need to happen in order to keep your device and a time frame you consider reasonable for it to happen, if it happens great, if not then move to something else and be happy.

  • AsylumSpeaker
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    The pads are gorgeous. Moving from a Beatstep Pro for pads with a Jam for Maschine control to a Maschine+ has been a revelation in terms of pad playability. And polyphony is pretty important as features go, considering Maschine can be used as a ground up compositional tool, not just a sample manipulator. Laugh all you want but a highly specialised sample sequencer with no pads isn't a replacement for Maschine+, simply because it just isn't the same kind of instrument.

  • ozon
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    @nickstomp since you experience stability issues: What version of OS/Maschine/Firmware is your M+ running? Firmware 0.1.9 is considered more stable than previous versions, but it seems that quite a few users missed that since the firmware cannot be updated through Native Access.

  • Vic Angelo
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    Solid advice.... I use my M+ in Standalone in live performances, and since the latest updates, Its been SUPER solid. I run Custom Kontakt Libraries, and Custom Reaktor Plug-ins on it with no issues. They are big projects for whole sets ranging sometimes 60% MAX CPU Knock on wood...

    Also, make sure you use a proper and FAST SD card, don't skimp on it or use a "China Knock offs"

  • nickstomp
    nickstomp Member Posts: 15 Member

    Hi I have firmware 1.9

    My main issue is that I need some input as I'm integrating maschine in my setup.

    I have a xoom livetrak l-8 that has 8 input and 4 output and its class compliant and I have also a line6 hx stomp and another class compliant interface.

    All the following works well with ipad or a mac/pc without drivers.

    On the maschine there's some strange settings in the USB clock that after a bit make the machine crash (the audio stops, the machine hangs and needs to be rebooted)

    The NI audio interfaces are nice but they don't have 8 inputs.

    Another issue is that I have problem porting edited instruments from the maschine pc app to the hardware as the hardware kontakt version is lower than the one on pc

    Other than that, I would like to see more instruments on machine, like pianos, etc etc as I have the Kontakt on my pc and I would like to use the same on the machine without sampling.

    Guitar Rig would also be awesome as the effects on machine are quite limited (only raum?) and it will allow me better looping with my guitar (without the hx stomp)

  • red_nick
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    +1 for this, it was bad before I switched cards. Make sure you use a real SD card, not a micro SD card and adapter.

  • nickstomp
    nickstomp Member Posts: 15 Member

    i have a 64gb sandisk extreme

  • Jiglo
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    Who knows? I suppose being in beta club is like Fight Club. That said, I’m in by word of mouth only, not by anything tangible, and not been asked to follow any guidelines, yet, or maybe never.

    Maybe it’s a scoop, maybe it isn’t

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