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again im throwing this out there... for our maschine users

as this plugin i believe is a special plugin, there is a odd NI maschine element intergrated within the plugin itself which im going to explore

it is currently at half price til the 4th December

if you are unfamiliar with this plugin/standalone app...

heres just a introduction to it... but look into it further, as this intro video is only skimming the surface


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    It's pretty cool.

    I bought XO by XLN Audio which does roughly does the same, got it for the similarity sorting features but I am happy I won't need it anymore since Live 12 has it built-in although it does not have the fancy universe / map dot thingy.

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    @6xes @D-One: I am going to also throw this out there. For the longest, I wanted a randomization feature in Maschine; Basically since Maschine knows where all of its samples are (and any you import in yourself) have a feature where you can simply spin a dial, and let Maschine randomly fill up your pads to expand your creativity and touch files that you forgot about; be able to lock specific pads when an optimal choice is dialed up and keep spinning randomization on the rest until you get a full kit you like; tweak it and save it off; pads get loaded according to specific categories (kick, hats, closed hats, open, snare, other, rims, etc). I even started trying write software for it myself. I bought XO, and some other product, but then found out about Atlas. I previously requested this from NI; it probably will never happen.

    Basically, I have have 1000's, or even millions of samples (TB's) I've purchase over time. I have been buying libraries since 1996 ranging across many formats that use wav, mp3, aiff, etc. I basically put one instance of Atlas2 in a group and have it set up to route each of it's individual pad audio outputs to each of the separate sounds in a Maschine group (Atlas sends its pad 1 output to Maschine sound1/pad 1; Atlas pad 2 output -> Maschine sound 2/pad 2, etc). Then switch to keyboard mode on Machine and play the group just like a kit.

    I found out where all of the wav, mp3, etc samples reside on my PC for all of the AKAI MPC expansions, old versions of Kontakt/Battery; exposed 3rd party plugin samples; all of the Maschine Expansion samples; and all other sample folders I desired and pointed Atlas 2 to them to build it's database of custom cluster maps. Never looked back; I even have a 'WholeUniv" whole universe map that points to numerous (just about all) directories on my pc to be able to build some crazy never dreamed kits. I can point to a map that just locates a particular sample pack or go nuts on whatever it gives me; spin and lock until its golden.

    The creator entertains all of my feedback and suggestions and encourages it. He even added features that I asked for. He's put in a feature for me that let's me know the exact file path and name of the sample when I select, so that I know what the kit is composed off. He also gave me a requested feature to let me re-dial back up my kits without having to store duplicate samples on my PC. Below is just a snippet of maps I've configured in Atlas:

    One more note: I will mostly use Atlas 2 standalone to build kits and build a sequence from within Atlas2; save the kit along with the sequence. Then later load this in Maschine in a project, Cubase, FL Studio, MPC Software, or Reason and use it that way. Also drag/drop my midi patterns to machine and trigger other stuff.

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    atlas is certainly a great plugin for randomising drums & patterns!!

    when I initially purchased the plugin, when making the original post, the use case I had in mind differed from what the plugin could achieve..

    I spoke with the developer, asking if the limitation of sample length was fixed & set in stone... as the idea of just having a 10 second limits on samples being both recognised in the database & being played was something I was not aware of... which I could sought a refund... but I've since decided to hold on to the plugin, purely for the drum sample/pattern randomisation and how quickly Atlas 2 does it...

    I received an email from the developer having mentioned he has lifted the 10 second limitation... so its possible this has been resolved... I haven't tried it lately... as I found a far superior solution, with Loopy Pro, which is an absolute Gem of a application when side loaded using big Sur 11.2.3 (the last MacOS version that allows side loading of iPad apps on m1 Mac mini.. only the m1's can be downgraded to big sur... m2's & m3's no chance

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    Yeah, Loopy pro is a beast. Unfortunately, I only have an iPad and not a MacBook. So what this means for me as a Windows DAW person, is a little more work that I am not willing to do for now. In my case, I have a setup that connects my iPad to my Daw's midi/audio I/F via the IK iRig Duo Pro. I am trying to think outside of the Windows box and at least start using my iPad as a midi sound module for various/affordable instrument apps. But I am lazy in terms of maintenance; having to store and recall iPad instrument layouts/projects in addition to projects in my PC Daw (That's why Ableton may be in my distant future; everything in the box along with native looper capability).

    For Loopy Pro I would have to save a Loopy Pro project along with each Maschine or Cubase project I create; and every time I want to re-open that Maschine or Cubase project, I would have to turn on my iRig Pro, bring my iPad online and load the associated Loopy Pro Project. I like the idea of one project working in the box instead of having to load multiple parallel projects. I wish they would do a Loopy Pro VST/Windows version. But it won't happen for years if at all. Of course it's mental because I have to turn on my hardware sound rack modules (JV-1010, Alesis QSR X 4) anyways when they're used in DAW projects. But at least I don't have to load up a preset; my DAW projects remember/recall my rack modules' midi patches and channesl unlike PC DAW to iPad sequencing/connectivity.

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    I've sought out the cheapest means of doing things, at the same time trying simplify many aspects of a loop based setup...

    if you ever require some advice on transitioning from Windows to the M1 Macs.. as you will no doubt begin to hit brick walls with Windows, which is why I transitioned from a i7-4770k 16gb 4.1ghz to a m1 Mac mini 16gb... and the difference is quite substantial... what's more is I've found the m1's to be power efficient and only the m1's can side load ipa's to run within the m1 Mac mini

    on the software front... I used Reaper both on windows and Mac... and the transitioning of my template from windows to m1 Mac mini is relatively easy....

    I personally settled for the Ableton live lite 11 , as there was only 1 single function that interested me... and that is the "follow" tempo functionality, which is very useful when using apps that don't have any midi syncing options.

    Reaper is cheaper and well worth the money for a loop based setup!!

    here's a video I did with a reaper template I use... utilising x4 Maschine instances

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