Komplete Kontrol will not download or reinstall Install Failed:Invalid Location

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Hey so I am running on a Mac with Ventura and have all of my instruments on an external hard drive. Every instrument was found perfectly find when I clicked RELOCATE. The only one that is NOT working is Komplete Kontrol. I cant reinstall and I cant relocate. Ive searched the internet and tried everything and nothing is working. I even set my installation paths back to default to try that and still it says "installation failed:invalid location." Every single location I have tried it does NOT work. Any help would be greatly appreciated :-) thanks PS: all of my instruments are on an external hard drive but Komplete Kontrol was saved only my laptop. I trie both ways just to be see if either would work and still same result. installation failed invalid location. Every single Path I have tried is invalid. I don't know what to do :-(


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    Ok so I figured my own problem out lol I just kept refreshing the feed inside of NI and eventually....It allowed Komplete Kontrol to download 🤣

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