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I am a musician that performs live at church every sunday and we use tracks. I would like to have all three songs in one session in ableton and set my maschine controller to jump between each section of the song as I tell it via midi mapping.

I want to have Group "A" active and all 16 pads mapped to Verse, chorus, bridge, etc on song one. Then I want to be able to jump to group "B" and now have the same pads have the ability to be mapped to Verse, chorus, bridge of the second song. And I want to keep doing this for say up to 8 songs because then I don't have to keep loading new sessions in ableton. I can have 1 session with multiple songs, multiple tempos, and I can make decisions live on where I want to go because of the midi mapping. Can anyone help? I tried asking support and they pointed me here.


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    Hmmm...you want to play each track one after another?

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    I am sorry Milo I don't get on here often as you can see, but yes and no. I want to have all 4 songs in one ableton set, I can setup tempo tracks and all that jazz so that they play at the right tempo. We usually open service with 3 songs and then before the pastor gets up we do one more. No matter which song we are doing I want to be able to flow with the leader, if he or she wants to sing the chorus and extra time than the original artist then I want to press a pad on the controller and it jump back the the beginning of the chorus.

    I hope that makes sense, and so what I do is song 1 I place markers at verse 1, chorus, bridge, vamp, interlude, etc etc and then I know where we are in the song and I can jump around. The problem is that I only have 16 pads and 1 song might take up 12 pads in order to be able to flow freely. So now I would like "Group B" to give me access to 16 more midi notes or available pads to be able to have the freedom to jump around on song 2, and then do the same thing in Group C, and Group D

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    you would need to follow this guide....

    I've done this with Ableton live lite 11 and it works.. dependant on which Maschine hardware you use

    be aware however that the newer Ableton live 12 will likely not work... until the templates are updated for 12


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    Thanks for the article I will look into that today.

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    Thanks for the help, I had already done that I think I figured it out. My issue was that I had already installed the template so everything was mapped and that messed me up. I just loaded a blank template and I have gotten Group A & B to be highlighted and when I am under Group A i can press pad 1 and it goes to 1 locater, if I highlight Group B and press pad 1 it goes to a different locater so I think I have it woking. Now i am going to load a 3 song set into ableton and give this setup a true test.

    Thanks for all of the help.

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