Toggle mode on pads (Controller Editor / Maschine Mikro MK3)

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Hi there! Hope someone here can advise me.

I'm trying to toggle effects on/off in Logic Pro via Maschine Mikro MK3, but for some reason it doesn't work well:

In Controller Editor I managed to enable this on the buttons (so not the pads), via the 'Control change' type and choosing the 'Trigger' mode' (which works a classic toggle function in Logic, although the button doesn't stay lit). However when I try to enable this on of the pads it doesn't work well, neither the Trigger nor Toggle mode; it still work momentary. In Toggle mode the assigned pad stays perfectly lit, but the midi message doesn't seem to stay put. With an Akai MPK Mini or Novation Launchkey Mini this works without issues in Logic Pro (needless to say that in all cases I use the midi learn function inside Logic). Am I overlooking something?

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