What in the world is going on with Machine + updates?

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Akai has released so many updates for the MPC line and the Akai force- what is going on with the Maschine +? I mean who drops a piece of production gear so expensive and then do nothing to support it? Fortunately for me I have the MPC one, MPC live II and the Force which I can keep busy with my music with official instrument plugins- I loved the Maschine plus when I bought it but now I truly regret doing so given they have not supported it the way Akai has supported their gear- I’m so disappointed



  • PK The DJ
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    Yeah I know exactly what you mean, as I have an MPC X SE and updates come thick and fast. They introduce new FX and instruments too (some for purchase, some for free) which have been pretty much non existant on the M+.

    Akai's plugins tend to be for both PC/Mac and they run standalone on the MPCs.

    As far as I know the only new stuff that's been usable for the M+ is expansions. That's it.

  • deda73
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    Yeah that’s got me pretty much thrown back mentally- I’m really struggling to understand why they would put M+ out if they had no intentions on building it up .. $1400 down the drain..

  • reffahcs
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    My personal opinion, NI released and underpowered standalone device that's already pushing it's performance limits so they decided to focus on other development efforts.

    To be fair, Akai's MPC market has (to my knowledge) been standalone machines, so they've been constrained to the limits of their hardware. Where as NI has primarily been software instrument company who has now been forced to cram existing software instruments into a standalone platform.

  • deda73
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    I hear you but I’m pretty sure developers can make instrument packs that can run on the M+ .. all these expansions they keep putting out are redundant and pack most of the same sounds every other expansion pack has.. there people creating instrument sound packs that can play with in Kontakt on the standalone- if they can do it, I’m pretty sure NI can do it even better..

  • jt maher
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    The npc one lol. New Akai isn’t much better. But yes , they do at least update things, and fix bugs…. eventually….

    From what I’ve heard the + had big plans to be developed more, same with sw, but then they fired all of the good devs. Different company now.

    I’m sure they are working on a new standalone as we speak. Maschine ++

    1599$ msrp

  • reffahcs
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    I'm not sure if it was the same overseas as it was for the US. But after covid hit, there were massive amounts of people that left their jobs for different companies, different work, or just decided to retire.

    Oh I agree 100%. like I said, NI realized how underpowered the M+ is compared to something like the MPC or the Push3 Standalone and NI just deleted it. I'm sure they will be releasing an M++ soon, once they clear out their old M+ inventory after this year's Cyber Sale.

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