Noire won't open in Kontakt 6.8.0, also having weird problems with Kontakt 7 library images loading

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Noire won't open in Kontakt 6.8.0 even though minimum requirement on the product page is 6.0.4 or higher, but it will open in Kontakt 7 - yet there is no image for the library - its just a grey folder.

Is there a way to get the traditional Kontakt view in Kontakt 7 where the libraries are viewable on the side?

I am guessing the reason certain libraries like cloud supply won't open in Kontakt 6 is because the min requirement Kontakt is not new enough -

Just looking for confirmation on this to double check there is no workaround?

Kontakt 6 loads almost all the images for the libraries whereas Kontakt 7 has a bunch of the library images greyed out when I used it. But Kontakt 6 won't load a handful of instruments, and some of the instruments it won't load don't make sense as they meet the min requirements for that instrument - such as Noire.

I would prefer to run everything in Kontakt 6, but I am guessing this isn't possible, so it seems like I have to jump between Kontakt 6 to use all the libraries with images and Kontakt 7 (where the images are not there for a bunch of the libraries) to use instruments that don't load in Kontakt 6.

OR I would just have to run everything in 7 and deal with the annoying problem of not being able to see the images for a bunch of the libraries.

So is it possible to run everything in 6 or are we stuck with using only 7 where all the images don't load

OR using both Kontakt 6 and 7 (only when libraries don't load in 6)?


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