Komplete Kontrol 3.0 Update - WORST UPDATE EVER!

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I hope the entire team that signed off on this update all get fired!

The update is SO very different it should have come with many WARNINGS that the entire interface has changed so drastically!!!!

Those of us that are long-time users (thus early investors) have meticulously tweaked the settings to be an efficient workflow for audio production and music crafting.

This update; in one swoop, DESTROYS YEARS OF WORK and has now made a ton more work just to open & play previous tracks since VST2 INSTRUMENTS GET DELETED!

Make an alternative skin version if you want; but keep what we have come to know FOR YEARS. I'm a fan of upgrade and "beneficial changes" but "change for the sake of change" version will LOSE YOU CUSTOMERS and is beyond infuriating.

Every pixel change can affect production efficiency. This has happened:

  • You have moved the entire sound bank from the LEFT to the RIGHT. WHY!?!
  • Increased the spacing between sound patches (so scrolling now takes longer). AGAIN, WHY ON EARTH?!?
  • The KK window is no longer SCALABLE (so I can only see a few sounds)! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!
  • We also can't see the patches list (formerly on left) AND the VST interface at the same time (formerly on right)?!?! ARE YOU F*N KIDDING!?!
  • VST scroll wheel functions are disabled!! ARE YOU ALL DRUNK!?!
  • WINDOWS System Restore can't even undo this mess!

Shamefully unprofessional changes!! I'm at a loss for why ANY of this was conceived and approved.


  • Vocalpoint
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    Well - you could calm down a bit and just reinstall v2.9.6 - where everything works like it used to.

    There is no need to even consider KKv3 unless you have the new Kontrol S Series MKIII keyboards.

    If not - v2 is where youn should be - for a long while until NI straightens this mess out with v3.


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    as VP said above, if you're not running a MK3 keyboard sounds like your best option is to do what a lot of others have done which is to download the previous version (2.9.6) and use that instead. Uninstall KK3 from control panel, install 2.9.6 and you'll be good to go. And keep the mouse away from the Komplete Kontrol "Update" button!

    Installer for KK 2.9.6 is here Komplete Kontrol 2.9.6 - Last VST2 supported version — Community (native-instruments.com)

    -- Mike

  • BIF
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  • theARTeryllc
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    Thanks for the input all! I WAS finally able to get it back to "normal" with v2.9.6 after a system restore AND multiple reboots.

    Good to know if I do not have a MK3 hardware controller I don't NEED the update. I just fear this won't be true forever. This alone may be enough to keep me from purchasing said upgraded hardware.

    In IT - it is an established protocol that IF an update exists; it's recommended to ALWAYS install the update. Of course, I did this only a few hours before band practice, so you can imagine how my reaction was absolutely warranted. ;)

    This shouldn't be labeled as an UPDATE; it should be a separate piece of software recommended exclusively for the new hardware.

  • BIF
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    In IT - it is an established protocol that IF an update exists; it's recommended to ALWAYS install the update.

    Not always, my friend. Not always. With nearly 40 years of IT experience, the first 30+ of that being technical, I can say that updates should always be reviewed. This is true of OS updates, database updates (especially; OMG, those buggers can change the way things are rounded or sorted!), data center server firmware updates, the installation of security updates, and much much more.

    It is only recently, with some OS updates such as Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, where we all got trained to just put things on "autopilot". Well, some of us old farts STILL don't do that. When you brick a mainframe's processor or a smartphone because you didn't read the fine print....well, when you know, you know...right?

    Now then, I will say that Native Instruments should have "forked" KK so that it would appear twice in Native Access...once as a "Legacy Komplete Kontrol" version, and again as a "New Komplete Kontrol" version, and the new one probably shouldn't even appear as an option unless that customer's profile includes a valid serial number for a MK3 keyboard.

    Yes, there were numerous things Native Instruments COULD HAVE DONE to make this a smoother experience. But they didn't do it.

    In my opinion, they just needed one of us cranky old IT codgers who cut our teeth on punched cards and paper tape to give them a woodshedding when they were planning to just start pushing 3.0 out to all NA users.

    But they didn't. Or they had some cranky old beta testers who gave them that woodshedding, but were passed over for whatever reason.

    At this point, it is what it is, and now you know.

    And welcome aboard, by the way! 😀

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    "In IT - it is an established protocol that IF an update exists; it's recommended to ALWAYS install the update"

    This world is most definitely NOT IT.

    In this world (especially when NI is involved) - the correct protocol is to first read the Release Notes on EVERY update to determine if:

    A: You need it

    B: It is designed to work for your specific use case

    While KKv3 is available - it "should" never appear for any user that does not have MKIII hardware at this time - but Native Access is simply not that smart.

    You need to stay a step ahead of the game and ignore everything in NA until such time you have checked it out.

    Glad you got things back to normal.


  • BIF
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    While KKv3 is available - it "should" never appear for any user that does not have MKIII hardware at this time - but Native Access is simply not that smart.

    Yep, same as what I said above. I think they could have done it in NA by creating it as a new entry. I know it breaks some rules, but just call it "Komplete Kontrol Version 3" and make it so it only shows up if a valid MK3 keyboard serial has been entered into Native Access. Hey, we all had to enter it anyway, right? So the info is in there. And then maybe rename the old one to "Komplete Kontrol Version 2"

    If that gives some people naming convention conniptions (putting a version number in the name), then they could have just called one "Legacy" and the other one "New Generation" or "MK3", or something like that. And add a note for each one that it removes the other one because only one can be installed at a time.

    Way back about 6 or 7 presidential adminstrations ago, I spent 5+ years of my career maintaining a "director" software program that would decide which database to send various requests to. We had 2 different databases with different genealogies from a prior company merger, and those databases just could not be combined with the small number of personnel we had available to do the work that would be needed. So this director software would be the little "traffic cop" that would look at each database request and then send it down the road it needed to go.

    The director program was written in assembler, and I hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. But it worked for the business, gave me a world of IT technical experience, and also allowed me to support myself early in my career. Eventually, the company laid off a bunch of us and I was finally able to give that role to somebody else much farther up the chain. No, he didn't like it either, hehe.

    But NI should have done this, either in NA or in the Komplete Kontrol code itself...or something like it. It may not be too late to get a wiz-bang dev to work this.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Sorry that the new update has affected your workflow. If you prefer, you can of course stick to KK2.9. Btw note that you can find release notes on Native Access, which provide details about the new workflow and VST2 components.

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    Always good idea in IT to review changelog prior to installing any update

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    i 100% agree

    we all know that v2 software will be phased out eventually and wont get any new updates so vocalpoint is talking ***** when he says you dont need v3 if you dont have a mk3 keyboard.

  • mykejb
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    If you don't have a MK3 you don't need KK3 at the moment and for people who have a MK2 it's a perfectly workable solution until the the problems with KK3 get fixed. People with the MK3 are the ones who are need the updates more if it removes part of the workflow.

    -- Mike

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