Can someone tell me what the NI support email is or how can I check a ticket status

Richard S
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I have tried to find this out for some time and it seems to not exist. I have been to the support page, and it just ask questions and tries to provide answers. Finally I found a way to open a ticket, even though it's not in the category of help I wanted. Now I cannot find any way to track that ticket.

My initial impression of the level of support provided, is that it's terrible. I can only assume NI, are hoping to make it so difficult for people, that they won't open tickets.

So NI, please tell me how I can check the status of a support ticket. What's the link, or do you not want anyone to know.


  • red_nick
    red_nick Member Posts: 54 Newcomer

    I don't know if they've changed it recently, but when I raised a ticket before I got an email with a request number

  • Richard S
    Richard S Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Yes, I got that email although I could not find an appropriate category to use. However, that is all I have and other than the email, I didn't hear any answer from them. There also appears to be no way to track that support ticket, to see if they have received or answered it.

  • lord-carlos
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    Never used it, but I would guess you get an email if they answer you.

    When did you raise the ticket?

  • Scoops
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    This might answer your question

  • Richard S
    Richard S Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Oh dear, that's not good news.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Richard S you should get a ticket number right after raising a ticket but it's not possible to track the status right now.

    I noticed that our support team responded to your ticket within 2-3 days of submission. Glad to see they were able to assist you with the issue. Closing this thread now.

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