Sound cracks with Noire, tried so many configurations

Quimi Font
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I recently bought Komplete 14 Standard because I wanted to have among others the NOIRE Piano, so I installed everything and I can't get a good sound, the main issue is that sometimes there is a kind of crack in the sound while playing. My computer is an intel i7 with 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and I have a Focusrite 6 USB sound card and playing with a KAWAI via MIDI. I configured ASIO driver and tried from 16 to 1024 for buffer size, with exact results in each situation. With 512 for example I play with the sustain pedal about 7 or 8 keys simultaneous and let it sound, the CPU goes to 15% and in a random way I hear some cracks in the sound. While I'm playing easy songs the same situation. With other instruments the same. It's so anoying, any help?!


  • Kaldosh
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    if You are on windows it would not surprise me that your power settings are not optimized. Turn them to max performance,

    you can follow the guidelines in this article if not done yet it might solve your issue

    hope this helps

  • Quimi Font
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    Thanks for your suggestions Kaldosh,

    Very interesting link for optimization. But this is not my case, I already have a fresh Windows computer and already prepared some of the points that are reflected on the article, some of them I didn't know and used right now, but with the same result. After some minutes of having Kontakt 7 and Noire, even with a single note with the sustain pedal, I can hear a sound kind of 'crack' every 3 to 5 seconds. It's very anoying. I switched to my Mac and, obviusly, no issue at all.

    Any other idea would be apreciated.

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