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Can somebody from NI please answer on WHY there is NO Midi Learn for next or previous Snapshot? Let's look at an instrument Lunaris 2 for example. You have the INSTRUMENT called Lunaris 2, then below that there are the SnapShots then within the instrument you have 4 Oscillators where you can choose what pad or sound you want. This is the same as with ALL keyboards on the market except NI calls their "presets/patches" snapshots. So, there should be a Midi Learn Function for a Next/Previous Snapshot because in all reality on any keyboard its called a preset/patch.

Will NI ever add a midi learn to snapshots? Please do, it will make our lives easier as not every person can place their 88 Keyboard/controller in front of them and most of us places them to the side because we are limited in room space.

Thank you in advance

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