Kontrol S MK3 Series Startup Screen

Groove Intruder
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Is there a way to change the default startup screen to something other that the Default MIDI Templates? Like to say the Hardware page? I am assuming that there might be other options as the firmware goes through updates in the future.

A home-screen that can be personalized with say a set list, lyric sheets, or such would be nice!



  • reffahcs
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    It seems like that should be doable given the hardware. It's already capable of displaying the open source license information for everything they're using. So I wouldn't think displaying lyrics would require much more effort. Mainly it would just be formatting it in a way that would be enjoyable and useful to end users, which could open a can of worms if people start wanting different fonts, sizes, support for different file formats etc... but it is capable of displaying text from a text file in its current form.

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