Pre-listening function does not work on F1 controller with TRAKTOR 3.10.1

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Hey, guys.

Weird thing is, let me try to explain.

On version 3.10.1 of TRAKTOR, when I use F1 controller, I have no pre-listen function (the one that is activated by pressing Shift+ monitor on F1). And when I press pre-listen on the remix deck in TRAKTOR - the signal of the running loop from F1 goes to the headphones, but depends on the position of the fader on F1 (i.e. it goes simultaneously to the mainout and to the headphones) and at the same time the Monitor function on the F1 controller goes off. When I press F1 again for the pre-listening function, the signal in the headphones disappears and the pre-listening icon in TRAKTOR goes out. That's the game

I would like to point out that I am using the native settings on F1

Because of this I have to use TRAKTOR 3.8, on which everything works fine.

I have tried on two different laptops - the problem persists. Am I doing something wrong?

Does anyone have anything like this and ideas how to solve it?

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