Maschine Plus Live Looping

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Is live looping possible with the Maschine Plus?


  • ozon
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    edited November 2023

    Great video by Boris. The only problem you might run into when doing this on the M+ is that it runs into performance problems when several Audio modules are set to stretch mode.

  • laserbeak
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    Is that something that can't be set during record/in real-time/ on the fly?

    I only have the Studio, so I'm curious.

  • ozon
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    @laserbeak looping should work identical across all Maschine models.

    AFAIK you would have to go into the Audio module settings and change the mode for each loop iteration.

  • stulle
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    I use Maschine+ for live looping a lot.

    Compared to a Boss RC600 I enjoy all the arrangement possibilities Maschine offers, plus more freedom of fx assignments.

    The option to use a footswitch for loop start and end (for manual loop lengths) is great.

    What I don't like is that the input settings for the sampler are global. I always have to change the sampler input channel when switching from guitar to vocals for example. Would be so cool if it was saved per group.. Also, finding the right timing for the loop start/end button press feels more difficult and less intuitive to me than on the Boss. And because of Maschine's syncing to its timeline, I often end up having my loops not starting from the beginning but from e.g. the middle part.

    The option to have 16 loops per group completely substitutes the overdub function of a traditional looper for me. In fact, there's so much more freedom in being able to mute/unmute every single loop instead of just undo/redo.

  • Warpt1
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    "What I don't like is that the input settings for the sampler are global."

    Old thread, but I just got a Maschine+ and it's going to be my looper.

    Cheap multi-channel mixer with main l/r out and sampler input set to stereo should be all it takes, something small next to the Maschine+. Ideally this lets you adjust your output for playing individually and then you can adjust volume of any recorded tracks as needed.

    Anyway.. sorry for bumping an old thread, but, coming from an RC-600 I've had for years, I've gotten more done in just a few days of ownership with the Maschine+ as far as looping. I haven't even plugged a bass or guitar into it yet though. I've been sampling my drum VST for better drum sounds in standalone and sampling NI VST while in standalone. Kontakt doesn't sound exactly the same when I sample a single note and hit keyboard mode, but, it does the job. Even just as a tool for writing music the Maschine+ is proving to be insanely useful.

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