S4 mk3: Problem with phono in standalone mode

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I've problem with my S4 Mk3. When he works in standalone mode (only in standalone, after connect to computer its well), both phono line in gives noises. I hear on speakers and I see on scale. Gramophones works well, problem is even without connected devices to phono in. See picture - additional devices are disconnected, see scales on B and C deck. Software 0.6.1, the newest. Please for help



  • red_nick
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    I think that's normal. It's from the phono pre-amps attempting to amplify nothing. It's fine with the turntables themselves right?

  • dymeq
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    Normal that I see 5 lights on scale (3 on picture, normally 3-5) when quiet? No way... Show me at least one mixer with this. Above all after connect turntables problem is still.

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