Using Komplete Kontrol causing my DAW (Reaper) to freeze every 5 minutes

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Hi folks,

I know there are several posts about Reaper freezing or crashing but none seemed to apply to my situation.

I use Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboard and VSTs with Reaper- Reaper keeps freezing/crashing every 5 minutes and I have to open task manager to stop it and then restart- I can't work like that obviously.

My computer is a brand new and very powerful:

Dell XPS 8960 which has-

Intel 13th Generation Core i9-13900K Processor with Turbo Boost to 5.80GHz (fastest processor yet made)


Windows 11

Seperate 4TB SSD which holds the reaper library as to not take from C drive. 

I'm using 48000 reaper and the VOLT 2 interface. I've tried buffer 512 and 256 but still issues. Any ideas on why this would happen, what to look and and how to resolve please? 


  • Milos
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    Shannon, did you try to use Kontakt or Reaktor?

    If your Komplete Kontrol constantly crashes, you can try to use Kontakt for Kontakt Inastruments or Reaktor for its instruments,since Komplete can play all of them.

    I stopped using Kontrol because of these bugs, I had similar issues with my DAW (Cakewalk), so I switched to Kontakt and Reaktor.

    Hope it helps.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Have you tried Komplete Kontrol in standalone? Does it work as expected? Are you using an antivirus?

    What instruments are you loading in Komplete Kontrol?

    Does it happen if you open the same instrument with Kontakt?

    What version of Reaper are you using? What version of Komplete Kontrol?

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