Kontakt 7.7 - please remove ads

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What a horrible, horrible development - New Instruments For You turns Kontakt into a billboard. A new low in Kontakt's history.

I can understand this for the free Player, but not the full Pro. At the very least please give us full license-holders a preference to completely remove it. I can live with the Shop button as it is not intrusive, but even collapsed Instruments For You takes up real estate.



  • Kymeia
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    I also hope this does not end up in Komplete Kontrol and Massive X etc as well. This is the main reason I avoid plugins like some IK Multimedia ones that are basically a shop front for endless new products - people will vote with their wallets over this sort of thing. Bad move NI!

  • Rob Gee
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    Yes, please get rid of them!

  • mbishop
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    I also share these sentiments. I know internally, companies will name these things differently, like "recommendations" or "for you" which allows one to think that this is great for the user and that they may actually welcome such a thing, but this really isn't the case. If I want to shop, I'm going to come to your website. It's a disservice to me to have shopping come to my composing workflow. That's when I most need to think and concentrate and I suspect it will generate a lot of ill will for your brand.

    I know in some ways, it seems like asking you to take money off your table, but that is short-term thinking. I want you to think long-term and about customer retention. This is another reason why people will start looking for options to leave your platform.

  • delioroman
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    Another vote for removal of the "instruments for you" section and also the Shop link.

    I would revert back to 7.3.1 JUST for the removal of all the ads, but newer libraries don't let me. A double edged sword.

    I own K7 Full btw. Horrible to see this as a paid user.

  • Kymeia
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    Yes the shop as well - I think we all know where to find it if we want to - having it in your face in my plugins is more likely to make me not want to

  • Ians
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    Think I might have to cancel my S49 order. This is going a bit far

  • Beltrom
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    Have to agree with the OP.


  • BenJuodvalkis
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