Why is it not possible to record using Traktor Pro 3 Version ?

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I hsd no problem recording internally through Traktor Pro 3 version, running Catalina macOS. However, now that I have a new MacBook Pro running Sonoma I was able to correct most problems but still cannot get the option to record from the GUI which completely eliminates this possibility? I took my MBP back to Apple and they told me that third-party SW is not supported by Apple where the HW is an M1/M2 chipset. For that they directed me back to NI and said the response must come about with modifications to Traktor. I have asked a few of my peers and they tell me that I should return to Serato which does not have the problems that NI has with updating their SW to fix such problems. I have been requesting support on this and no one will even respond to this issue when they discover I'm not using an NI controller. This is ridiculous. I never had this problem before. Whatever happen to an open and inclusive technical foundation, interoperability and putting an end to the propriatary solutions that those of us in the standards industry spent years to implement? Frankly, I'm shocked that NI is headed back towards exclusion. I was thinking about investing in an NI controller but if. all ths is going to be proprietary in the future, I will be forced to purchase from NI. There has got to be a better solution than this.


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    I´m on Sonoma v14.1 on a M1Pro Macbook and I have no problems with recording internally.

    My first guess is, you maybe haven't granted permission for Traktor to access the recording folder to Sonoma yet.

    English is not my first language, so I don´t understand what you mean with "cannot get the option to record from the GUI which completely eliminates this possibility"?

    Could you post a picture of your Traktor settings -> Mix Recorder?

    The standard settings are:

    Source: INTERNAL

    File Directory: User/Music/Traktor/Recordings

    Split File at 650MB

    Maybe, re-selecting the recording folder directory will trigger Sonoma to ask for Traktor permission to access the folder.

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    RESOLVED. First I want to thank c0nsul for your splendid analysis and prompt reply to my question. You touched upon just about everything that might be responsible including the graphical user interface (GUI) and had you been able to understand what I hastily explained, you would have had the answer. Second, it always helps describing these events and the beauty of these forums is that it generates thinking. After I entered it in the forum, I thought about the years gone by when I considered every minute detail in addressing such issues and I started recalling the hours I spent as an engineer, breaking down problems to the most simplistic level to achieve the answer. I had figured that if Apple didn't have the answer to the problem, it just didn't exiist. All that Apple did, however, was to complicate the matter more by introducing politics which never resolves a technical issue, but only distorts the real answer and that's precisely why there are so many unresolved problems in the world today. So, I came to one conclusion: NI would never detract its recording capability, but. they might need to eliminate components from the screen to make room. By eliminating Decks C & D, I was able to produce the recorders and FX region just like. I had set up on my Imac and 2012 MBP. But in these installations I had Advanced version of track decks. Over lunch I thought about it and I came up with the answer that was so unbellievably simple I cringed as I worked through to the answer. You see,

    I had changed the resolution from the default at 1728 x 1117 down to 1312 x 1117. So, I brought the resolution up to 1496 x 967 and everything I wanted was on the screen and nothing is missing. I'm sure this is documented somewhere but maybe this will help someone who -- like me -- was unable to come across it and will find the answer here.

    Thank You for reading this. and I hope it helps those who have to realize that it's easy to avoid something that is staring right in your face. Sometimes all it takes is thought and a bit of common sense.


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