I love my Maschine plus because...

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I love my Maschine plus because I plug and play, and nothing else matters.

And you why do you love your Maschine ?



  • AdelV
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    GUI and overall User expierience is great - of course there are some other grooveboxes but for me there is nothing close than M+ ;) ♥️👌

  • Jiglo
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    ....it is comfortable to use on my lap for hours.

    Because I like the ergonomics of it.

    Because it's very easy to use and quick to generate ideas on.

    Because it sounds fantastic.

    Because it does what I need it to do in a very straightforward way.

    Because it's full of high quality instruments, fx, and expansions.

    Because I can use my own samples.

    Because it frees me from the computer.

    Because it's simple to name projects and save them with samples.

    Because even on those very rare occasions it crashed (2 times, although hasn't crashed for months), I didn't lose my work.

    Because it can run a crazy amount of tracks at once instead of just 8 or so in most grooveboxes, which can be muted and unmuted to test ideas

    Because of lots of other stuff that would take me a long time to keep writing.

  • ozon
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    Because I don’t have to fire up the computer and all the peripheral devices.

    Because I can take it almost everywhere (with a power bank).

    Because it contains a Model D for which I can design my own sounds.

    Because it’s easy to try out different Pattern arrangements.

    Because it allows many different effects for each Sound.

    Because it contains a huge library of sounds capable of sparking new ideas.

    Because it has the same features as the desktop version.

    Because the created content can be transferred to the computer for further elaboration, first in the Maschine application, later in a DAW.

  • reffahcs
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    I have a Machine MK3, but now kinda kicking myself for not going for the Plus. I will say having used an MPC X and an MPC Live II, I LOVE the pads on the Machine so much more than either MPC. I guess I'll have to get a Machine Plus now lol.

  • Percivale
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    Great pads. Quality sounds. A tool I could resonate and be productive with.

  • Braz
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    To keep this thread alive

    I love maschine plus because it works so well with my kontrol m32 and my Jam.

  • AdelV
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    M32 + M+ = production system and production station. Amazing Duo!

  • Jiglo
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    Sorry to go off topic, but until I get home I can't test this.

    I've had a M32 longer than i've had a M+, but never connected it to the Plus.

    Presumably you can play 16 pads and have 32 notes in a different key range like an EMU Command Station can you, or do the pads change octave to reflect the range on the keyboard?

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