Defining a Kontakt error prompt and resolving the issue

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Good morning (and all specialist that can help with NI and Studio Ones integration) Art Phinney "again" with a new problem, 

I'll explain: After following the instruction to remove multiple location Studio One "sound set" downloads (3 different places-C:\program files\PreSonus\sound sets. C:\users\Public\Documents\PreSonus\Studio One\Sound sets, and finally C:\user\art\Documents\Studio One\Sound Sets

I choose ONE location, I did it! I kept them all in the C:\program files directory. The most common place for S1 Sound sets.  

I deleted the sound set folders from the "other" locations and in doing so have developed a new problem. 

(I will include a screen shot of the ERROR prompt. ) Now, none of my KONTACT specifics will open?  

Not K-6 or K7! In fact when I try to open Kontakt while running S1, S1 crashes and closes.  

I can load Toon track, Spitfire and other Manufacture samples into an arrange window just fine but 

not through Native Instruments Kontakt players??? And therefore "NONE" of my samples from them are accessible? 

Also, "VERY IMPORTANT ..." in my NI access window all of my previously "INSTALLED" products now say: "DEMO" or "REPAIR"???  

So, obviously: there was some data information in one of the deleted folders that is frustrating what once worked "WELL!"  

Any thoughts gentlemen! Please help me as soon as possible! I have many projects that need this function! Thank you and best regards. Art Phinney



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    For the plugins: try to make a custom desktop folder for NI plugins only, then go to the File Management and change the location of the plugins to that desktop folder.

    Had similar issue and it worked when I did that.

    For the Kontakt 7 crash, I don't know.

    Message PoorFellow or Kymeia, they will most likely solve the issue.

  • HisStudio4Ever
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    Thank you for your suggestion “But” I think we’ve even multiplied the “Kontakt” problem in that bow Native Access will not load? It gets frozen on the “dependencies” cycle. All fixes suggested by NI support personnel have not worked. I’m seriously considering “wiping” the hard drive clean / reinstalling Windows 10 and starting over at this point. It’s been 5 weeks of frustration. I’ve used 1 and 1/2 hour of OBEDIA tech services, countless NI support emails back and forth and “NO-ONE” has the answer. I kept asking NI to do a special remote session but they do not offer it! Such is the world or Audio Labs that depend on plugins…. Thank you all.

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    Then ask PoorFellow, he might help you there.

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