TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 + KOMPLETE AUDIO 2 connection is possible?

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Hello everybody. I really need help in connection of hardware. I use Traktor Z2 mixer with Traktor Pro 3 on the operating system Windows 11. I also connect Komplete Audio 2 to use for recording, connected, installed the driver - the sound from the laptop goes through the KA 2 to the speakers, everything is fine. But the sound from the Z2 master does not go to the speakers, although the incoming signal goes to the card KA2. I connected the master output of the Z2 mixer to the input of the KA2 and the output of the KA2 to the speakers. The wires are fine. 

If anyone knows how to help, I would be very grateful. Thank you!


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    You don’t have to record into Traktor.

    Just open up another program like a daw and just assign the master out to it for recording.


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