S88 MK3 Windows Users - Read this before you try the initial FW Update!!!

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To all new S88 MK3 customers on PC / Windows,

We have identified an issue with the Windows Driver for the S88 MK3, which will give you issues in updating the Firmware with the Device Updater, which is required to get it working once you unbox and register it in Native Access. *does not affect S49 MK3 or S61 MK3

We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve it.

Until then, we have a workaround in place with our customer support team for updating the initial Firmware on the S88 MK3 on PC / Windows systems.

You should also receive this email once you register the S88 MK3 in Native Access, but I have posted the text below, and please get in touch with Customer Support by following the link if you have a S88 MK3 and on a PC / Windows system (with no access to a Mac, as using a Mac would be the quickest & easiest way to update the Firmware until the new Windows Driver is released).

Thanks again for your patience while we get this Windows driver issue resolved.



We're writing to let you know that S88 keyboard users are currently experiencing issues installing the latest firmware on Windows.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, and we are urgently working on a solution together with Microsoft. 

Macs are unaffected, so if you have access, you could install the firmware this way. Alternatively, please get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you find a solution for Windows.

Your NI Team



  • PoorFellow
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    Thank you for the information Chris.

    Since the above reveals that there are even model specific issues then it is no wonder that I lately have been feeling that it's an up-hill battle to try to get a good grip on all the S Series MK3 problems..

    Also , having read more posts and 'slept on it' then it appears to me as maybe what users generally ought to do is to try an USB-C to A adapter combined with an USB-C power supply on the power inlet on the keyboard ! (that might trigger the 'hub' effect , especially if attaching to an USB 2 A port on computer rather than an USB 3) ?

  • Chris_NI
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    Hi @PoorFellow

    Thanks for your input! ... i've shared with our QA and Customer support teams

  • sa64
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    Can someone help, S88Mk3 asks for serial number registration after reset.

    the latest firmware is installed, the factory number is already registered. I cannot install the hardware connection service in Access because it does not appear in the browser. The screen of the S88Mk3 is frozen.

    Thanks in advance!

  • noumansaeed
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    Till when it'll be resolved fully for windows?

  • Chris_NI
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    Hi, all,

    We are happy to announce that we are in the stage of rolling out the fix / driver with Microsoft directly. 🙂

    If you are running into issues please still continue to reach out to customer support via the link above, and in a matter of weeks time, there will be no need to contact customer support as it will be 100% managed on Microsoft / Windows side via the windows update.

    Thanks again for your patience, and we will update this thread accordingly once this happens.

  • joden
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    Any reason you cannot simply post the work around here? I mean I've sent the request but I am in Australia so that could take days to get to!

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