KK3 and Spitfire BBCSO

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Could anyone tell me whether the MK3 keyboard integration works with BBCSC and Labs plugins?

This would be a huge reason for me to buy the MK3 because when I load my BBCSO full template (for standalone plugin in Studio One which includes every articulation), it uses 6% resources. It is a huge number of instances.

When I my load my much smaller BBCSO template in individual KK instances (so light guide works for each instrument) and only a single articulation for every instrument, I hit 20% or more. It makes sense since you are running everything through a container bottleneck to get the keyboard features you want.

So again the biggest draw for me is direct plugin support for Spitfire plugins, some of which currently load in Kontakt only (Solo Strings/Albion One) and others which load in KK but also have separate plugins to load (BBCSO/Labs). Direct load saves huge on resources but without the keyboard integration (light guide being the most important).

So are Kontakt only plugins (Albion One) and newer Spitfire instruments like BBCSO and Abby Road directly supported by the MK3 with all the features MK3 has to offer?


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