Using MASCHINE in MIDI Mode with Cubase 12 MIDI Remote

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I've long been a big fan of using NI controllers in MIDI mode.

For those who may be interested in using MASCHINE controllers in MIDI mode using the new MIDI Remote functionality in Cubase 12, here's an excellent video by Jef Gibbons about setting that up:



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    This video is outstanding! Cubase users will find that this MIDI mode functionality is invaluable. Thanks Nico for working with Jef on this project! The way knob nudge works for transport left and right is genius.

  • Jon Watte
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    Oh, that's great; I've been waiting for someone to make such a map for Cubase 12 :-)

  • nico5
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    Jef is such an outstanding video maker! And incredibly smart, pleasant, genuine and a lot of fun to interact with!

    And thanks for your kind words about my humble contributions to his video! I've been quite a ways down the rabbit hole of remote control via MIDI and generally found Native Instruments hardware controllers amongst the most capable in the industry. The endless rotary encoders with the clicks (and sometimes up to 4D) are a bit of NI special sauce, that provide high ergonomic potential. And using older / discontinued NI controllers as generic MIDI controllers is not only fun and less expensive (via buying used), but also good for keeping them out of garbage dumps). Even KORE is still quite usable as a MIDI remote controller - at least on Windows. So count me amongst those, who hope that NI stays in the midi hardware game and continues to push evolution forward.

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    dreams manifested

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    I just found the video on YouTube whilst browsing Jef's channel...

    He mentions "the forums" several times - but which forums is he referring to?

    I've just been over to the Steinberg forum but can't find any posts about this. Found this thread, but I'm looking for links to the mapping files.

  • PK The DJ
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    Thanks buddy 😁

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