How to recover my projects managed with Komplete Kontrol?

Fernando Jesús
Fernando Jesús Member Posts: 20 Member

I have installed the latest version of Komplete Kontrol (as of November 3, 2023). I imagine that the bugs it had have been corrected. Now I have a new serious problem. All the VSTs of my projects have been lost. I have almost all my projects managed with KK and they have been left empty, only MIDI remains. Does anyone know how I can recover them? Maybe move back to the older version of KK and render my projects before going back to the latest or some other solution. Please, I ask for help, all my projects are like this.

Thank you very much in advance

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  • KarlKaos
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    Which DAW are you using ? Maybe close your DAW and run the Standalone of Komplete Kontrol once and have it scan your library and then try again. Or maybe you can just see which preset was used and recall that in a different instance of KK


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