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for now I have one simple pedal connected to KK, and there is second input that I'm aware of.

After playing with Pianoteq, I would love to have full three pedal setup, with half-damping.

I found Kawai GFP-3 pedal for example, but as far I know it will only work with Kawai hardware.

Maybe someone have some experience in that topic and can share some information?

Is there a way to connect three pedal setup, with half damping? Which model will be compatible?

I think its strange that NI doesn't offer pedal setup like that for its 88 keyboard.

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    Probably would help people answering your question if you told the exact version of your keyboard !

    A series or S Series ? (if then MK1 , MK2 or MK3 ?)

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    I have Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

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    I believe your KK has two jacks. Sustain and expression(?). Most triple pedals (including Kawai) use a switch for sustain and a single TRS for the other two. The TRS is plugged into (again, 'most' of the time) the Expression input on the specific instrument or controller.After that it's up to the software/instrument as to whether it responds to the three different pedalling techniques and information. If the pedal data shows up in your DAW as three distinct CC values, you 'should' be able to re/assign the inbound CC data.

    The bulletproof way to get three pedals into a software instrument is with AudioFront's pedal iO devices. The 4 channel isn't cheap, but it works. Your pedal(s) into a box to USB and/or 5 pin DIN MIDI. Fully configurable and programmable. I say this as a user, not as an unsolicited plug. I don't know those people, but their stuff works.

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    Sorry , this ought to have been in my first post , but better late than never :

    List of Compatible Pedals with KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards :

    How to Configure Sustain / Expression Pedals on KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards :

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