Uninstalling previous Kontakt 6 version: Why so complicated?

Tomacius Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Why does NI makes it really hard to uninstall their softwares?

I upgraded to Kontakt 7 and wanted to uninstall and delete the previous version but I have to read a manual to do so, opening different paths, deleting specific files, etc. Obviously, the instructions never applies completely to every mac user case and you start finding your self deleting complex files which probably will create problems with K7 after deleting them and afterwards K6 still appears in Native access with the need to repair.

It seems NI team likes creating bad user experiencies or they just don't even care.

I really like the products but I can't even recall how many times I just wanted to give up on you. Please hire somebody good at creating user friendly experiences right now your not making the cut.

Guys we are in 2023 it should be as simple as clicking unisntall in NA. 😒


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