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I'm hoping someone could shed some light on my dilemma, I'm looking to sell my Komplete 14 Collector's Edition, however I have upgraded and updated over time from the basic version originallly included with my Maschine Mk3. I'm not sure If I need to transfer all versions prior to K14 Collector's edition to a potential buyer, or furthermore, If I'm eligible to transfer at all? Maybe it's only possible to sell with the Maschine Mk3 hardware itself?

From K Select 12 (which came with the HW) I upgraded to K Select 13

From K Select 13 I upgraded to K13 Ultimate

From K13 Ultimate I upgraded to K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition

Finally I updated K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition to K14 Collector's Edition

Please see attached screenshot of the request licence transfer page (minus the serials!)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    From what I can see then it is all sort of a skyscraper where any buyer can not use any individual upgrade/update unless the buyer already the required 'base' product for the update/upgrades , you appear to be some what aware of the difference between update and upgrades but I will put in anyway because it is very important that both seller and potential buyer understands ! .

    E.g. this is an UPGRADE : From K13 Ultimate I upgraded to K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition

    This is an UPDATE ! : K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition to K14 Collector's Edition

    From K Select 12 (which came with the HW) you UPDATED to K Select 13

    If you want to sell it all then you would also have to transfer the hardware (SERIAL) I think because that gave the Select 12 base product or the user would need to already have the Select base product. So easiest if buyer already have the K Select 13 base product, then you can keep the hardware and the K Select 12/13 or sell the hardware by itself !

    But you could also chop it all up and sell all the individual Updates and Upgrades to those who have all the appropriate respective base products...

    All this is my best 'guess' of how it works , if you want guarantees you would have to discuss it with support !

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    Thanks PoorFellow, much appreciated. Yes, I was thinking along similar lines. I think I'm going to keep hold of the Maschine Mk3 & The K14 Collector's Edition, but sell the Komplete Kontrol S49. Am I correct in assuming the basic Komplete Select version for S Series (albeit v12, v13 or v14) would be available free to the new purchaser to download upon receiving the licence transfer/ new registration? It states Komplete 13 Select for S-Series is not transferrable on my account?

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    Licences are not "glued" together.

    You may remove/ them in reverse order you have bought them. (Or N last purchased together in one batch.)

    So, no problem to sell KU14 CE Update first, then K13U CE Upgrade, and so on. So that that you keep your update/upgrade "chain" valid (you have Base Products for your Upgrades/Updates).

    Buyer must have appropriate Base Product on his account to be able to proceed Licence Transfer.

    If you sell your HW the licences of bundled SW will stay at your account and new user will get new licences. So, you may sell your HW and you will not loose Base Product for Upgrade/Update chain....

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    Sorry for not emphasizing correctly what Kubrak wrote , namely the 'reverse order process' , which I tried to explain by the skyscraper compare, because you can not take out any of the lowers without loosing what is above. So you would have to sell either from latest , e.g. "updated K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition to K14 Collector's Edition" , or you would have to transfer the lot to someone that already had the Select base product (I am not sure if the N.I. transfer system can handle that)(you would have to clear that with customer service).

    Kubrak is right in as much as that with base product software then rule apparently is that when buyer get the hardware serial transfer then base product software stays at seller's account while also appearing at buyer's account. However I also think that there is another rule that says that you can not sell bundled software and that bundled software (probably ?) goes with the hardware and if so will probably not be retained by the seller. But alas my knowledge does not stretch far enough to know if the Komplete Select is bundle software or 'base software'..

    One thing is sure though and that is that you can not keep the  update to K14 Collector's Edition without having a K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition , and you can not have the upgrade to K13 Ultimate Collector's Edition without the K13 Ultimate , and you can not keep the upgrade to K13 Ultimate without the K Select 13 you upgraded from... And even the upgrade to K Select 13 is just that only an upgrade from the 12 that came with the hardware so you don't even have that upgrade to 13 without the K Select 12 that came with your hardware... (Though the K12 may be considered base software and if so also retained by seller of hardware ?)

    You would have to sell individual items from the top (from newest addition to your skyscraper build and then downwards after that)..

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    Thank you Kubrak, and thank you once again PoorFellow for your prompt and concise replies. I will sell the Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2 on the assumption that the new buyer will have access to the base product software with Native Instruments. I will keep the full 'skyscraper' along with my Maschine Mk3. :)

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    You are most welcome. Since you have so much software and since it is crucial that you keep the original Komplete Select on account then I would have said that it's probably it's a good idea to confirm with support that you can both sell the Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2 and at the same time retain the K Select 12 license that came with your hardware.

    However ! Rules appear to be completely clear for you to refer to : Quote :

    Selling Hardware / Software Bundles

    Selling a hardware / software bundle (like a TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, MASCHINE or KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard) is as easy as selling a single software product.

    You only have to unregister the hardware in your user account and will receive a License Transfer ID that you can pass to the new buyer. After the buyer has imported the License Transfer ID to their own account, they will receive the same software bundle as you, the original owner.

    In short, this means that the seller keeps the software that came with the hardware - and the new owner receives it as well. This way, all potential upgrade paths, that are based on that software, stay intact.

    Please note that there are a few exceptions with older products. For these products, the software license shows a tag that the license has to be transferred to the new user by our Account Support team.

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