Most of my libraries are now in "Demo Mode"

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Hey! this is my first post, so please let me know if I should change how I write this/post this up.

Kontakt has suddenly lost my licenses...? for the libraries I bought via Pulse and within Native instruments. Now they are in Demo Mode, and after trying to reactivate them using the "Activate button", Native access comes up just looking like this:

I've assumed that after clicking the little "activate" button on the top right of each listed library in Kontakt, that Native Access would just lead me through the steps to re-activate my licenses...however that isn't the case, and it instead just loads into the main Native Access screen. I already tried adding another serial, but according to the attached image, Native Access clearly knows it exists, but doesn't list it in my libraries (even in the "available" tab)!

Also, i should mention that I obtained Shreddage Jupiter via Pulse, a "network-capable sound server program" which basically just helps me manage my third party Kontakt libraries.

Am I going crazy? Is this related to the recent update to Native Access? I spent quite a lot of money building up my libraries over the years, so to lose it all like this is a huge bummer, so any pointers or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Even if this issue has been solved already, please point me in the right direction!



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