How to see value automation changes on Maschine Plus?

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Hi, relatively new to M+, can't seem to be able to automate FX and upon playback see the correct up to date parameter values. I can hear the automation and the dot appearing indicating automation was written but the value number stays stagnant. What's also strange is the moment I press 'auto' the original value parameters switch to percentages. What's weird is I follow the online tutorial 100 percent and there you see the parameters move after automation was written, whereas I can only hear it and see the dot. What's going on, I would like to see the display update its values to the active automation?

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    Quite a good explanation of the difference between Automation and Modulation. And made in a couple of sentences 👍🏼

  • davomanic
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    Great explanation, thought I was doing something wrong. Gonna use daw for serious automation then. For some visual feedback best workaround is probably to use stepmode.

    Link to the tutorial?

    My bad, was NI's own tutorial but when paying extra attention watching it again the only time the original value changed was when he didn't push auto.

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