Patch Change Automation in Maschine

tommyflanagan Member Posts: 17 Member

Seems to work fine on NI plugs.

Just got the GForce Oberheim OB-E and can't seem to automate patch changes in Maschine.

Using VST2's NOT VST3's.

Any way to control these patch memory buttons via CC?

Figured out that the OBX requires MSB and LSB to be specified, so that's working.

Can't seem to load SEM presets into the Program Change column either.

Anyone else experience this?

(No idea how to do this with any of the Arturia plugins either).



  • tribepop
    tribepop Member Posts: 152 Advisor

    Yeah you can do it but it has to be done at the pattern level because you are essentially drawing in an automation envelope for that particular CC number.

    So for example, add an automation lane and select Program Select or Program Bank CC slot. Then click inside the automation zone and make 1 value so you have a straight line that you can then drag up and down to select the appropriate patch number (0-127). This also means that you’ll need to do this for every pattern even if it’s using the same patch as the previous pattern. Oh and Maschine doesn’t let you copy automation so you’ll have to do it manually for each pattern, dumbest *****.

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