Kontakt pans Left

Dan S
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I saw another post about this but no answer. Every sound I load in Kontakt pans left.

Using Kontakt 7 and PT 2023.9.0

Been having this issue for a while.

If you fix it, it lasts for a few seconds and then pans left again. It's not automation, or midi.


  • Milos
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    I have an idea!

    Record the sample while hearing only left (wait for the finale!)

    Then freeze the track by converting it to an audio track.

    Then turn it to Mono track.

    And then turn it from mono to stereo.

  • reffahcs
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    edited November 21

    So you're saying that something keeps setting the balance to left in Kontakt even after changing it with your mouse?

    Not knowing your system this sounds like some weird controller issue. I would try unplugging every USB device you can from your computer and see if it still works. If you have another keyboard I would try that too, could be a stuck key.

    I once had a similar issue with my PC, nothing to do with NI, but I was getting weird things happening for seemingly know reason. It turns out I had a 3D mouse on my desk, and sometimes when I moved my keyboard it would press up against the mouse and make the computer do weird stuff.

    I've also had more obvious issues with gaming controllers like rudder pedals, steering wheels, xbox controllers. All of those things can cause weird issues with programs that weren't designed to use them, or to handle their input.

  • EvilDragon
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    Your host is sending CC7 and CC10 on transport start or stop, I'm assuming. There is probably an option to disable that somewhere. Check the documentation of your DAW.

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