Tried KK 3.01 NOT a pleasure - then OK

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Not seeking support from the forum merely sharing and filing a report !

Using Windows 10, 64 bit , on old Intel (i7-6700) and NVidia (GTX760) based hardware with plenty of RAM (48 GB). After waiting maybe 5-10 minutes for the KK 3.01 stand-alone to finish it's boot plug-in scan (1TB SSD system drive) , then , just to try something, I choose Analog Dreams , then double clicked at presets list at the down and right in interface , then a sound played , then suddenly I got the Windows busy mouse thingy , then dunno , maybe I double clicked again at same list , then after a while I received a Kontakt 7 crash notice .

Well , that was - not - funny....


Tried the app again. After the above first incident then KK starts rather quickly and even if I double click at presets list (yes , single clicks ought to do it) then the darn thing/app will not even crash a again 😉 😁 . Maybe the above described experience were a fluke , I don't know. I will experiment some more when I have the inclination to do so...


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    Oh! , Wait ! , so I had my computer powered off for a couple of hours then restarted it. Had my browser open, started KK , switched to browser again, and a moment later another crash ! (hopefully I am not expected to think : "the more the merrier" here !) This time it were the plugin-scanner part that crashed. I can not remember having experienced any of this with the previous 2.xx version of KK , though I have to admit not having used it that much actually. Restarting KK 3.01 again then of course the program runs just nice and no crash in site at startup !

    Also ! , I managed to (this time) PROVOKE the initial posted KK - Kontakt 7 crash again ! I double clicked on preset and fast double clicked some more either before sound were loaded or while playing and that made the app crash again , so for sure no fluke. While double-clicking maybe is "against the rules" then maybe it should not crash the app anyway ! ?

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