Ableton - Double macro automation recorded, keeps triggering re-enable automation toggle?

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Is there a way to disable the double macro automation?

By that I mean, if you record macro knob movements in Ableton Live, the original knob automation also gets recorded TWICE, so they conflict with each other and it repeatedly resets the state. This makes it hard to use. Ableton describes this here.

I have not found a good workaround for this. I've tried deleting the individual knob automation (clear the whole lane) so that only the macro one fires.

For example:

  • I load the Crazy Talk preset.
  • I record and move Macro 8 - Mouth.
  • I look and see both "Talk Wah Wah" (the component) AND "Macros Mouth" have automation recorded.

It gets more tricky when multiple knobs are mapped to a macro, too.

BUT then, and more confusing, if "Automation Arm" is on, then it'll write more automation while I'm recording to other tracks. Even if I FREEZE that track.

Usually with other plugins, individual control automation is disabled is a macro is overriding them.

So unless there's a better way, I need to write automation using individual non-macro knobs, it seems.

Could this can be considered a bug to be fixed?



  • Eddie_NI
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    It is currently by design that all parameters that get changed (either directly in the ui or via a Macro) do send automation data.

    But I understand your use case and how this interferes with what you are trying to achieve. We'll discuss this and see if we can do something about it.

    TORLEY Member Posts: 54 Member

    @Eddie_NI Thank you for clarifying! Is this awkwardness specific to Ableton or does it affect other DAWs too?

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 258 mod

    It probably also affects other DAWs that are recording automation for all changing parameters. If you can configure your DAW to only record automation for a specific parameter then you should be able to record only a Macro.

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    @Eddie_NI I don't yet know a way to do that in Ableton — to selectively record some automation parameters, that is.

    I've seen some plugins too that DISABLE (visually "gray out") individual parameter and their automation if they're assigned to a Macro. The point being to prevent them from confusingly overriding the Macro (which is considered a "higher-level"). I realize there may be Guitar Rig use cases where this is not suitable for, but wanted to bring it up.

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