Konrol S88 MK3 - Any way to save this?

GehWasserHolen Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

Just like some of you, I tried updating my Firmware for the new S88 Mk3. After the error a lot of others got, where it "cant go into firmware update mode" I tried the fix that @FlipBit posted. After 15min of waiting for the firmware update to install, I restarted the keyboard because I thought it might have hung up. However everytime I start the keyboard now I get an error saying "Looks like something went wrong". The KSMK3 Updater also doesn't recognize it anymore.

I also tried different PC's (only Windows, I dont have access to any Mac's), different USB ports, different Cables.

Anyone else having the same problem and was able to fix it? Maybe there is some kind of hard reset for the software.


  • JoshSupsic
    JoshSupsic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    did you ever have this solved? i am currently in the same situation.

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