Kontrol s mk3 not having Maschine integration

johnnie ray
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I'm so depressed I stop using reason and cubase 10.5 because of loving mashine and the software since 2017 and I finally got a midi kontrol and it doesn't even work with my maschine... yes I new this but I thought it would be ok in another daw but I can't even use the maschine mk3 in cubase the right way...just make maschine software a daw with audio tracks with kontrol s mk3 support.... I have been positive in all the comments on YouTube and actually defended you guys cuz I know you put work in but now that I have the product in hand everybody is right!!!! How did you guys think going from mk2 that fits like a glove with maschine mk3 and software to the kontrol s mk3 that supports everybody else but not native-instruments this really is unacceptable... maschine users consider it a daw...wish you guys would ...all it needs is audio tracks oh and kontrol s mk3 support

So back to my maschine mk3 and this kontrol will be a big paperweight until you guys give me a update that should have been done at release...sorry I'm sorry



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @johnnie ray sorry that you can't use the new keyboard with Maschine the way you wanted. 🥺

    There's currently no timeline for when Maschine integration will be available, but we'll keep you informed of any updates right here in the community.

  • Leo12
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    Hi, same for me..

    I'm really disappointed.

    I really hope that an update will be done quickly

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