Maschine 2 and Maschine 1.8

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I have the full version of Maschine 2, is it possible to download and run Maschine 1.8 on the same computer? Or even another computer? I downloaded and installed (1.8), but it goes to the "demo-buy-activate" when I open it (1.8), even after installing the update as well.

Is there any way to obtain a S/N for 1.8 ?

Peculiar,....maybe, but with my naivity and rookie skills, possibly best to start with 1.8



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    Don't start with 1.8, it will just confuse you, every time you go and watch/read educational content things wont match or work.. V1 is really, really old. To be able to install 1.8 you would need to own a valid Maschine 1 license.

    Any projects you make on it could have several issues if you ever try to port them to V2, I'd avoid that headache.

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    Roger that, makes sense, thank you.

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