DDJ400 (Rekordbox) -> Traktor A6 -> Mixer -> Speaker setup??

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On RB, I set the A6 as the audio source. I set the master to Deck B, and headphones to Deck A. And with my headphones connected to my Xone mixer instead of my DDJ400, I can cue through my Xone's Deck A!

Hey guys. The RCA outs on my DDJ400 are currently broken, so I'm trying to output my Rekordbox audio through my Traktor Scratch A6, which is connected to a Xone23 mixer, which is connected to my speakers as seen in this picture. The Rekordbox configuration is set so that audio is outputted both through my DDJ400 and computer system.

If I set the Traktor A6 as the audio output, I can use the controller but cannot use my headphones for monitoring, as that would require that my audio be set to the DDJ400. And I know it's not a Rekordbox problem, as I have outputted audio from RB through my Scarlett interface before.

However, with this setup, I am having no luck. Can somebody help?


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    If you set up any audio interface for Rekordbox you should be able to use it also for headphones if the routings are set up correctly.

    It would be more useful to see images for the audio and routings setupspeakers is

    In any case, in your home made scheme something is wrong: there is no trace of your Xone32 mixer and the audio to the speakers is drawn as coming from DVS

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