komplete kontrol s49 mk2 not showing in preferences/MIDI

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I'm using using kk standalone with my kk s49 keyboard everything looks ok, I can brows instruments and load them from the keyboard but i can't play the instrument ones it's loaded.

In preferences-> midi , I don't see the the keyboard, but I see it in the control panel and on top of the komplete kontrol standalone.

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    and wow, not one midi device of the two you should see there. One midi keyboard\knobs device and one midi daw port, created with boomes midi sdk. Can you go to the device manager and check if all that stuff is installed correctly. alos check the ransomware protection and the blocking table, maybe it has blocked something from native and you have to allow it.

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    Hi Uwe,

    Thaks for your reply.

    All the protection was allready turned off.

    In the device manager I can see the s49 and the drivers, seams to be working.

    I tested the s49 in cubase (9.5 pro) and I managed to make it work.

    On the other hand my a25 appears in the device manager but not under NI Usb.

    The a25 doesn't work in cubase or standalone version.

    (I didnt't tested the a25 and s49 at the same time btw)

    I reinstalled bome sdk.

    Control panel:

    Kind regards,


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    Have you tried to uninstall bomes send sx, maybe it interferes with the driver somehow. And as both don't work properly, I would suggest to concentrate on one keyboard and of that works the other. Can you also check under "audio, video, gamecontroller" there you should also see some devices.

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    What Uwe303 wrote : BomesMidi is known to cause audio problems support knows about that , if you can not get it to work then ask support and tell them that you suspect that use of BomesMidi may have had something to do with it

    There is another lengthy thread around here with a problem (Second post here) :

       One final note from NI Suport:

           Not sure though what the cause might have been. We have seen some issues in the past regarding the Bome MIDI Driver, not in the exact way you have described your fix but actually quite similar. The Bome MIDI Driver is the “extension” of the NIHostIntegrationAgent, responsible to transmit everything from A to B. My assumption was that in case any other application gets first access to the Bome MIDI Driver it will not available for other applications (Komplete Kontrol) anymore.

    Anyway, thanks again to NI support for their help and very quick responses.

    Apparently also CC Cleaner can really screw up an installation , please see second post here !

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