Traktor roadmap update for Q4 2023?

SlySk Member Posts: 6 Member


when will you update the roadmpa for Q4 2023?

The lack of news and the fact the roadmap is so vague is demoralizing :(

i'm really hoping we'll get something soon..


  • Nobbi
    Nobbi Member Posts: 35 Member
    Please don't just expand the roadmap but finally implement some of the long-standing tasks. 
    The community would be delighted with a breath of fresh air 

  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 137 Pro

    Well, if you have Izotope RX 10 you can get an idea of what stems on Traktor Pro 3 or 4 might sound like. But it takes a long time to render one track about 2 to 4 minutes. Not too sure how that will work for real time stem separation. But the result is really good compared to Virtual DJ and Serato DJ, but Serato and Virtual DJ are real time and RX 10 is preprocess file. I am really curious as to how flexible beat grid will be implemented. Will it be like Rekordbox, Virtual DJ and Serato DJ or will it be like Deckadance DJ and Djay Pro which is the best in the industry (my opinion).

  • Nobbi
    Nobbi Member Posts: 35 Member
    Will we see any progress with Traktor this year?
    I refer to a post by Laidbach Luke where he plays at a festival with an iPhone, 
    djai pro and an awesome controller from (I think) Reloop. 
    That makes you curious...really. Cheers Nobbi

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