X1 MK3 not possible to control MIXER FX?

Frits Member Posts: 14 Newcomer
I just got my X1 MK3 and I'm very confused as it appears there's no way to control the very "main filter" / MIXER FX ?!?

- you know the knob just next to "Mid" in the software, the one that can chose between "Filter", "Reverb", "Dual Delay", "Noise" and "Time Gater"..

Is it really true that you can control all sorts of other filters and effects via the controller, but not that simple, prominent in-your-face and very useful - SIMPLE TO USE - filter knob?!?


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  • Stevan
    Stevan Member Posts: 1,283 Expert
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    When NI implement overmapping this will be possible to change in the Controller Manager.

    Otherwise @Sûlherokhh may be able to edit the QML code to allow this feature for you.


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