S88 MK3 keybed improvement?

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I am the owner of a KK s88 Mk2. I like very much the integration with DAW (Logic) as well as in Standalone with the Komplete Kontrol standalone app. What I don’t like is… the keyboard itself. I find that it is clunky and doensn’t feel what you would expect from a professional keyboard. In a comparison, I also have a Roland RD-2000 and a Korg Kronos that have both a different but excellent keybed. It’s like owning a Yamaha and a Kawai Grand. The keybed is different but excellent in both case. The rest is a matter of taste. In my opinion, KK S88 Mk2 is far from that point of excellence concerning the feeling of playing a keyboard instrument.

Now to my point, has the new Mk3 keyboard have noticeable improvements upon the MK2?

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