Komplete Kontrol 3.0 VST3 in Ableton - no instrument rack for DAW integration

wjoyce Member Posts: 14 Member


I've been trying to integrate the KK 49 Mk2 into my Ableton setup, and have discovered that the official NI Instrument Rack (Komplete Kontrol VST.adg) hasn't been updated to reflect the move to VST3 only.

Is there any word on when it'll be made available, or if there's a workaround please?


  • Kymeia
    Kymeia NKS User Library Mod Posts: 3,967 mod

    I guess the workaround would be to make one yourself but with the VST3

  • wjoyce
    wjoyce Member Posts: 14 Member

    I'm trying to use the Smart Play features (Arp, Chords, etc) with non-NI instruments.

    All the guides I've seen hinge on using that particular Instrument Rack provided by NI. I've attempted to create one myself using VST3, but it's still only sending single notes through from the keyboard rather than full chords, so there's obviously something the official rack provides that I'm missing.

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