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I have the Komplete S49 MK3 since one week and tbh I’m a bit disappointed. NI didn’t inform properly about the Edit Function and how 3-party Plugins are implemented yet.

First of all the edit function is not working on all plugins. On the 3-party pluggins it is implemented only on UH-E Diva. My Arturia CS-80 v4 not even the updated picture on the keyboard appears let alone the Edit function.

I was expecting to make my own mappings on Serum etc and use the great Edit Function with it.

As it stands now, the only real advantage is the Kontakt stand alone use, but otherwise I‘m disappointed



  • frankspappa
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    For me the Edit is there on CS-80 v4 but no image. Same with Augumented Strings/Voices.

    it would be interesting to know how many third party vendors are planning to implement nks2.

    But I love the hardware!

  • Vagus
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    The edit function is a feature of NKS2, which needs to be implemented either in Kontakt, or via SDK by 3rd party NKS partners.

    Arturia will be quick to update, but it'll take time for others. If the SDK is there to update presets, it shouldn't be a difficult or slow job, but I've no idea where NI are with SDK for partners.

    But to confirm, unless VSTs are supporting NKS2 officially, you will not see an image, unless it's via the user library, or you create it yourself. The edit function is not a standard part of any VST loaded, as per the above.

  • Motion Drive
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    Thank you for the infos. In that case NI did some poor advertising in those videos. The way it is presented with Diva and CS-80, it is to believed that the Edit function and the picture on the keyboard display is now a standard for all NI and 3-Party plugins. At no point they make it clear, that for the moment it is a feature for those two Plugins (Diva/CS80) only, except for NI‘s own stuff.

    And then even on their own NI stuff, the edit function is not a standard. I don’t have the edit function on Super 8, Massive X and others.

    so to me that’s very disappointing, as the edit function was one of the main reasons to update from my MK2.

  • frankspappa
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    edited October 29

    Just letting you know that if you rename the folder (see blow) CS-80 V4 with lowercase letters the image will be displayed on the keyboard.

    /Library/Arturia/CS-80 V4/Third Party/Native Instruments/presets/PAResources/image/Arturia/cs-80 v4

    Same for "augumented voices" and "augumented strings"

    /Library/Arturia/Augmented VOICES/Third Party/Native Instruments/presets/PAResources/image/Arturia/augmented voices

    /Library/Arturia/Augmented STRINGS/Third Party/Native Instruments/presets/PAResources/image/Arturia/augmented strings

    At least it works for me. Weird. (You have to restart Komplete Kontrol)

    Looks nice but it's kind of hard to read the name on the preset now 🙃

    Well I guess they will sort these kind of things out in the future, maybe displaying the preset name in the middle instead of the current soft synth name?

  • Kymeia
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    Serum is not a NKS plugin but there are NKS1 conversions available in the NKS user library or from Freelance soundlabs

  • Matthew_NI
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    We didn't poorly advertise. We advertised the product capabilities exactly as is. There's quite a long list of products that have been updated for NKS2 at this point, and that list continues to grow.

    If you've installed an NKS2 product and it isn't showing up that way for you means most like one of a few simple troubleshooting steps:


    If you've installed any product that isn't showing images, it's usually a caching issue that needs refreshing.

    You can locate the NI Resources folder, delete it, then open KK standalone and simply wait while it rebuilds (product images will populate until the list is full).

    I'm on my phone, and I don't remember the Windows location off hand, but on macOS it is Users/Shared/NIResources


    Also, upon installing the latest installers of any NKS2 compatible product, of which there are quite a number at this point (including six or so from Arturia), you need to perform a plug-in rescan, which is best done in the KK standalone application.


    Lastly, please ensure you're loading the content as VST3. If you load it as VST2, it is not compatible with NKS2, and will load as NKS1.

  • reffahcs
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    This is why I ended up reformatting my external drive to case-insensitive. Honestly after using Ubuntu for so many years I think it's pretty ridiculous that this is even a thing, but it is what it is I guess. The Adobe tools won't even install on a MacOS drive that's case-sensitive formatted.

    That being said, for @Motion Drive everything looks good on my end running all the latest updates. Are you still having issues?

  • Motion Drive
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    In the promotion videos you present the NKS2 Standart as if companies like U-He or Arturia allready updated their complete catalog and by sheer accident you choose CS-80 and Dica to showcase the new features.

    nowhere it is mentioned, that those two 3-party plugins are actually the only ones being updated to this point.

    Furthermore the Edit Function is also presented as a universal new function available on all NKS2 Plugins, which isn’t the case at all. Not even on MassiveX or Super8 this function can be found, which is quite ridiculous.

    So to me, that is very clear false advertising.

  • fisk1
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    ...same here: they really should have pointed out that 98% of their own stuff is not ready with that 'Edit' function - very dissaponting! And I guess there will be a looooooooooooooooong time not much happening in this area?

    And the new KK browser is a total downgrade (you've seen the comments at this forum!...)

    What I like though is the newkeybed (less rattle), and that I can finally put the light guide off when not needed..

    I do like the NI stuff and still not give up on them, BUT:

    I really don't like how they treat their customers especially concerning their hardware products. For example I still have a very nice functioning Guitar Rig 2 Pedalboard that would be nice to use with the newer versions too. But that support ended 2010 with the launch of version 4!! And because the switches are not sending midi messages - it is completely useless without the corresponding software. And who wants to pull out their oldest slowest computer in the arsenal only for that reason?? exactly: nobody...

  • Matthew_NI
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    Of the Native Instruments catalogue, the following are already NKS2, and many more continue to follow:

    • Noire
    • Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst
    • Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic
    • Session Guitarist - Electric Mint
    • Hypha
    • Stradiveri Cello
    • Stradeveri Violin
    • Amati Viola
    • Guarneri Violin
    • Analog Dreams
    • Hybrid Keys
    • Ethereal Earth
    • Ashlight
    • Soul Sessions
    • Modular Icons
    • Lo-fi Glow
    • Glaze
    • Kontakt Factory Library 2
    • Session Ukulele
    • Low End Strings

    The initial 3rd party list includes uHe's Diva, Arturia's CS-80, Arturia's Augmented series (Strings, Voice, Brass, Piano), Heavyocity Damage 2, Heavyocity Symphonic Destruction, Orchestral Tools Time Micro, Orchestral Tools Time Macro. There are many more coming online each week.

  • Matthew_NI
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    It's also worth noting that NKS1 still works on the new keyboard, and Kontakt NKS1 instruments actually look better, as they can use some of the metadata already available in Kontakt to show basic parameter icons.

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