Kontakt 7.6 and messed GUI in Shreddage 3

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In Kontakt 7.6.0 and 7.6.1, Shreddage 3 gutars don't work. Jupiter, Rogue and SRP refuse to load, and an error window states that some files can't be found. Hydra and Telos do load, but their GUIs are all messed up and the libraries are not usable. I first discovered this error in 7.6.1, but downgrading to 7.6.0 did not fix it. I also have Kontakt 6.8.0, and all those libraries work without issues.

Is this a know bug, or is there something wrong with my configuration? I did not try to batch resave the libraries, because they work in 6.8, and if batch resave does not fix them in 7.6, they will not be loaded in 6.8 anymore...


  • superwotan
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    good to know that I am not the only one.

    did you find out what the problem is.

  • Tephrosis
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    I'm having the same problem ...

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    Do you open those files via Library?

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