How to have multiple groups refer to the same sample

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I have 5 groups that all use the same sample, but different regions of the sample. The sample file is about 22kb in size, but when I load the nki file Kontakt shows the memory usage is 310 kb.

If I purge all and then just activate one group the used memory size is reported is about 62 kb. 62 * 5 = 310

I thought that if the same sample was used there would be no added memory usage. I can only assume that each group must have it's own RAM address, thus the sample is in RAM 5 times?

What's going on there?


  • stephen24
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    (22kb of 16 bit 44100Hz stereo gives you about 1/8 second)

  • lahatte
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    Sorry, I meant 21,000kb. All those numbers in my original post should be multiplied by 1000. Doh!

    Anyway, the question remains as to why five groups use 5 times the memory for the same sample.

  • stephen24
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    Tell us more about your sample - information from Wave Editor. (Duration, bit depth, sample rate, mono/stereo, Sample start, Sample mod). Are you using DFD (Source Module)?

    DFD loads only part of the sample, how much depends on some of these values.

  • medusa
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    Because you said you are using different regions of the same sample.

  • lahatte
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    The point is that the total size of the sample file is about 22Mb. But in Kontakt if all of the 5 sections of the sample get selected to play at some point then the total memory usage is 310Mb.

    So.... what is Kontakt doing with the sample? Is it loading the same sample 5 times? It seems like it. I thought it would only need to load it once, then use what is pointed to by sample start values.

  • Renton McGregor
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    I recommend testing your theory. I believe you can duplicate zones, so duplicated from C-1 to C8 across 8 groups and see what happens. Remember that nki memory is more than just your sample size. It's a big app with memory required to track what you load into it. With very long samples or at high spec you might have a better chance to see the multipliers in effect vs the housekeeping needs.

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